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Kanyon Wins the “Best of BREEAM 2016” Award in the “BREEAM Retail In-Use" Category

Kanyon was one of nine buildings worldwide to win a coveted BREEAM Award at the “Best of BREEAM 2016 Awards” in London on 9 March 2016. The winners were selected from among the highest scoring BREEAM buildings in 2015, which encompassed many of the most innovatively sustainable buildings in the UK and countries across Europe, including France, Holland, Sweden and Turkey. Winning projects included residential, retail, industrial education and health care buildings as well as new builds, refurbishment and in-use buildings. In announcing Kanyon’s award in the Retail In-Use category, BREEAM noted that Kanyon’s aim was to be “a pioneer in energy use, water consumption and waste management. For example, solar provides 35% of the building’s hot water, while a building management system monitors, controls and optimises energy and water consumption in all spaces.”


The BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the world's foremost environmental rating system for buildings. It was first launched in 1990 in the UK and has now been adopted by 25 countries worldwide. The objective of the BREEAM certificate is to assess how environmentally conscious a building is based on certain standards. The BREEAM In-Use assessment team works with the building team during the project, and makes the required assessments on issues such as energy, water, material, waste, health, indoor air quality, pollution, transportation, land use and ecology. The team sets objectives for each criterion following these assessments, analyzes the compliance of the building to such criteria and tries to improve the issues that remain below standard. At end of all these processes, the auditors conduct an audit and report the results to BRE-Global.